01. The boys are digging holes all over the backyard, convinced that they will find pirate [treasure].
02. The young girl [treasured] the letter she received from her favorite movie star.
03. Divers have recovered over a million dollars worth of [treasure] from a sunken Spanish ship.
04. For the birthday party, we made a little [treasure] map for the children to follow to their goodie bags.
05. The [treasure] chest was full of gold and silver coins, and jewelry decorated with precious gems.
06. The symphonies of Beethoven remain a musical [treasure] for the entire world.
07. Over the centuries, many tombs of the ancient Egyptians have been plundered by [treasure] seekers.
08. The rich art collector's entire [treasure] of masterpieces was lost in the fire.
09. Even though things didn't work out, I will always [treasure] the time we spent together.
10. Her family photographs are her most [treasured] possessions.
11. Rock samples taken from the moon represent a national [treasure] containing clues to the beginnings of our solar system.
12. The conquistadors threatened to kill the Aztec King unless he surrendered all his [treasure].
13. According to the report by the [treasurer], our current balance is approximately $150.
14. The [treasurer] will present her report on our financial situation at next week's budget meeting.
15. Squirrels bury the nuts and seeds they gather like tiny pirates burying their [treasure].
16. There is a Hebrew proverb which states that an old man in the house is a burden, but an old woman is a [treasure].
17. The young boys dreamed of going on an adventure to find pirates' [treasure].
18. There is a Jewish proverb which observes that he who finds a faithful friend, finds a [treasure].
19. Cicero described memory as the [treasury] and guardian of all things.
20. In July of 1985, [treasure] hunters began removing $400 million in coins and silver from the ocean floor in the biggest underwater [treasure] hunt in history.
21. One man's junk is another man's [treasure].
22. The [treasure] hunters had to crawl through a narrow tunnel to get to the King's chambers.
23. We chose Josh as our [treasurer] because everyone knows he is a really trustworthy guy.
24. Bilbo's magic ring made him invisible, so he was able to steal the dragon's [treasure] without being seen.
25. Anthony D'Angelo once advised, "[Treasure] your relationships, not your possessions."
26. Og Mandino once said, "[Treasure] the love you receive above all. It will survive long after your gold and good health have vanished."
27. A Chinese proverb notes that learning is a [treasure] that will follow its owner everywhere.
28. A French proverb observes that all the [treasures] of earth cannot bring back one lost moment.
29. A Latvian proverb suggests that sleep is the poor man's [treasure].
30. A Yiddish proverb holds that a nation's [treasure] is its scholars.
31. The chants of the Roman Church are considered by many to be one of the great [treasures] of Western civilization.

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